Regarding sustainability, our hotel undertakes to fulfill the obligations of the Turkey Sustainable Tourism Program and to continuously improve the sustainable management system in order to increase its sustainability performance. Due to the state of the sector, environmental, social, technological, economic and cultural risks, changes and updates caused by legislation, our management system is constantly reviewed, and the system and policies are updated if necessary.

Our ”sustainability policies" are our company's commitment in this regard. Starting from this point, all our orientations will be in this intention and direction. Our goal is to be able to turn the principle of sustainability into a “way of doing business” in the basic areas of our hotel and to bring it to the corporate memory. It will be possible for our efforts to turn into success and gain continuity only by acting together with our employees, guests, business partners, suppliers, solution partners, all our interlocutors in our immediate environment to disseminate and turn it into a partnership that we will strengthen every day.

It is very valuable to raise awareness of the personnel, who are considered an integral part of the sustainability approach, to provide opportunities for them to participate in the process and to contribute to development opportunities. In this context, our annual training plans and orientations include training topics such as social rights, supporting local employment, protecting natural life, supporting wildlife, historical attractions of the immediate environment, cultural richness, ecological diversity, energy and water conservation, environmental activities-our recycling system, orientation to local resources, and we are working to disseminate the philosophy of sustainability within the enterprise. The main goal is to provide strategic support to all companies and departments for improving business results through human resources management in parallel with business strategies, to contribute to creating value for all stakeholders by creating and encouraging a high performance culture. In addition to all these, it is aimed to increase awareness in every sense with both orientation training and professional-level training determined according to annual training needs.

Sustainability studies are under the coordination of Hotel Management, and our activities in this field and the evaluation of our performance are always open to the expectations and opinions of our stakeholders.